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Zable Bead & Charm Jewelry

 zableoutline.jpg  jewelry is a collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets and accessory clips that you can personalize choosing from over a thousand different beads and charms. All items are finished in sterling silver and many have Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia or hand-painted enamel to embellish them. With thousands of different beads and charms to choose from your jewellery item will truly be unique. Compatible with Pandora. 

ZABLE jewelry is manufactured in Italy of the highest quality. Our bestselling Murano glass beads are unparalleled in detail and beauty, featuring genuine 24K gold and sterling silver foil. Don't settle for imitations - our glass actually comes from Murano, Italy! All zable jewelry is covered by a three year warranty and backed buy great customer service.